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How it Works

  • Prove that you are local

    Verify your zip code to discover discounts and offers exclusively for locals!
  • Unlock the deals

    Play the pinata game every time you're out to get the best rewards!
  • Enjoy being Lokl

    With every purchase, earn points that improve your membership status so you can claim special offers and bigger discounts!

Add your business!

Are you a business owner? Add your business to the LOKLS database and turn it into a local hotspot!


LOKLS — the only mobile reward solution for local customers in touristy cities such as Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and LA.

Anyone who shops regularly in their neighborhood — whether it’s a cafe around the corner or a grocery store, would rather stick to the business that recognizes them and offers special treatment.

That’s especially true for people who live in touristy areas and don’t want to be treated like tourists paying tourist prices for goods and services.


LOKLS app offers its users discounts at participating businesses so they do not get overcharged

“Discounts for locals” is a settled phrase in touristу areas. Businesses are often willing to offer special deals to local customers, if they could distinguish them from tourists.

LOKLS solves just that. For businesses LOKLS is a marketing tool that brings verified local customers at the convenient times and helps to build loyal relationships with the brand.